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Berry Cobbler Oats

Berry Cobbler Oats

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You can say I’ve been on an oat kick lately. It’s true, I can’t get enough of them. I eat them at least once a day, and, if I have the room, I’ll eat them twice I love them so much. I’ve already talked about my beloved pumpkin and greek yogurt bowl and chocolate and peanut butter pudding oats. Let me introduce you to my newest obsession: berry cobbler oats.

These oats are perfect for a time such as this. They come together really quickly and require minimal and simple ingredients. This recipe uses frozen berries instead of fresh ones, which is perfect for a time when we are trying to stash our freezer with fruits and veggies. An extra bonus is that my kids absolutely love this recipe, too, and I love giving them a wholesome start to their day.

Simple Ingredients


The beauty of this recipe, in my opinion, is this recipe starts out with frozen berries. I use the triple berry blend from Costco, but almost any small berries would work. Strawberries might be tough to use because they don’t break apart as easily as smaller berries.

I like to use a full cup of berries, which are 70 calories and 16 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein. If you wanted to scale back on the carb amount for this recipe, you could use fewer berries. However, I love spending my carbs on such a nutritious and yummy source!

As the berries cook, they release a ton of juices and give volume and texture to the oats. Berries are also packed with tons of nutrients, even the frozen ones, so I love starting my day with them!



I use quick-cooking oats in this recipe and just 20 grams of them. You could definitely add more if you wanted to, but I like to half the normal serving size to cut back on the carbs. Quick-cooking oats work great in this recipe because they do not take as long to cook. However, you could use old fashioned or steel cut, but just keep in mind the cooking times may change.


Water is added to the recipe to help cook the oats in the berries. Because the berries release a lot of juices while they are cooking, I have been adding just 50-90 g of water to my oats. They still get plenty of volume! If you prefer your oats to be thicker, start with 50 g of water and adjust as needed.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is what I like to use to add protein to this recipe. I buy the organic non-fat kind from Costco. I love its great macronutrients (0F/7C/18P, 100 calories for 170 g), and it adds a creamy element to the oats. It is almost¬†like you’re eating a berry cobbler and ice cream.

Pro tip: Greek yogurt lasts a long time in the refrigerator. If you are going to stock up on items in the future, make sure to grab extra tubs of Greek Yogurt!

Simple Prep

A few minutes is all that stands in between you and this wholesome breakfast. I cook the berries and the oats together for 2 + minutes in the microwave, allow them to cool, and then top with Greek Yogurt

Add the Sweetener of Your Choice

If you didn’t already notice, these oats do not contain any added sweetener. This was on purpose, so you can add whatever sweetener you prefer. There are a wide variety of opinions on sweeteners, and I wanted to make this recipe accessible to anyone! Just remember to log whatever sweetener you chose to use.

Here are some ways you can sweeten this recipe:

  1. Honey
  2. Maple Syrup
  3. Stevia
  4. Swerve
  5. Sugar-Free Pudding Mix
  6. Brown Sugar
  7. Sugar-Free Syrup
  8. Monk Fruit
  9. Protein Powder (wait until the oats are cooled a bit and add the powder to taste. I’d start with a half scoop or less. As a bonus, this adds more protein, too!)

If you’re curious, I usually add 5 grams of sugar-free vanilla pudding to my oats and then top the yogurt with sugar-free syrup. Again, choose whatever your preference is!

Additional Toppings

If you have the room in your macros, additional toppings are always a good idea, in my opinion! I personally love to top mine with some peanut butter. It starts to take on a peanut butter and jelly vibe, and I love how melty peanut butter gets over hot oats. Some other ideas include other nut butters, granola, flax seeds, and chopped nuts. I have also been known to top my kids’ oats with a few white chocolate chips for fun.

Another thought I had is that these oats would also make a very yummy light dessert. As I said, they really do taste similar to a berry cobbler after they’ve been sweetened. So topping with a serving or two of your favorite protein or light ice cream would be a delicious treat that wouldn’t break the macro bank!

The Macros

Macros for one bowl, as mentioned below, are rounded to 1F/37C/23P and 240 calories. As mentioned before, if you wanted to save some additional carbs, you could reduce the number of berries you add to the recipe. As you can see, a few grams of peanut butter, almond butter, or even granola could fit nicely into these macros!


Berry Cobbler Oats

A simple, satisfying, balanced, and wholesome breakfast or macro-cap!


  • 20 g quick-cooking oats (0r 1/4 cup)
  • 126 g mixed berries (or 1 cup)
  • 50-90 g water, or more or less to taste (the less water you add, the thicken your oats will be)
  • 170 g Non-fat Greek Yogurt (2/3 cup)
  • Additional Toppings, as desired
  • sweetener of choice


  • In a microwave save bowl, add the berries, oats, and water. Give a quick stir. Microwave for 2 minutes. After the two minutes is up, give the berries a stir. I usually microwave it for another 30 seconds.
  • Allow the oats to cool and add sweetener of choice. Top with Greek Yogurt and additional toppings. Enjoy!


Macros for the ingredients listed above are rounded to 1 F/37C/23P and 240 calories. Remember to add the macros for any sweetener you use to MyFitnessPal.
To log this recipe on MyFitnessPal, search for "How We Macro Berry Cobbler Oats."