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Lavash Toast- 4 ways

Lavash Toast- 4 ways

When mid-afternoon comes around, I find myself feeling very snacky. All of a sudden crackers, chips, and sweets sound so good! When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, by now you know that I’m all about finding more balanced swaps to satisfy a craving. So I thought I’d share with you 4 lavash toast ideas to help you get through that mid-afternoon slump. Some are sweet, some are savory, but all of them will be more balanced than a few fistfuls of goldfish. HA!

Atoria’s Family Bakery Mini Lavash Breads

First, we have to chat about the key to making these toasts both macro-friendly and delicious: Atoria’s Mini Lavash Breads. I absolutely love this product. They are thin, pliable, soft, and delicious. If you were to check the ingredient list, you’d see they are made with vegan, Non-GMO, and pronounceable ingredients, including whole grains and flax. They have awesome macros at 0F/8C/4P per wrap and just 50 calories, which make them a perfect vehicle for a snack.

I also love how these wraps can show up at my door thanks to Amazon. To help ensure their products get to your door as fresh as possible (you know, because it is real bread), Atoria’s Bakery only ships their flatbreads on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. When you receive your bread, remember to refrigerate it or freeze it right away. It keeps for 3 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 6 months in the freezer. If you need to use them quickly, don’t worry, they defrost in minutes on the counter!

If you’re lucky enough, though, you might be able to find Atoria’s products at a store near you. Another item that would work wonderfully for these toasts is their full-size traditional lavash bread or their full-size whole grain and flax. I have been using just half of one to make these toasts, and they work great, too. The macros will slightly vary, but they should still be right around 100 calories.

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Preparing the Lavash Toast

There are a few options for how to prepare the lavash toast, but first I always begin by cutting the mini lavash in half. This makes the bread easier to toast and easier to eat. Plus, it makes it so you can mix and match lavash toasts. Keep in mind that the recipes below are for use of half of a mini lavash.

After that dividing the toast in half, you have a couple of options:

  • Toaster: This is the easiest option for me. I just toast it until it reaches my desired texture (I love it pretty crunchy!). The only downside to this option is sometimes the toast isn’t completely flat thanks to how the bread can lay in the toaster. Remember how thin and pliable the bread is? But if that doesn’t bother you, this is a very simple option!
  • Oven: You can also bake your lavash wrap until the desired crispness is achieved. Bake at 400 degrees for just a few minutes (3-5), or until desired.
  • Air Fryer: Another easy option, but one I know not everyone has. Just lay your lavash flat in the air fryer at 400 for a couple of minutes.

Now that you have crispy lavash toast, it’s time to get onto those toppings!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Toast

I’m a sucker for peanut butter and jelly! And oftentimes, I’m a little low on my fat grams, so this treat fits in perfectly. Simple spread on 8 g (1/2 Tablespoon) of peanut butter onto the toast. If you spread it on a slightly warm lavash bread, the peanut butter will get deliciously melty. Then, top with a few sliced strawberries (25 g) and a sprinkle of cinnamon, if desired.

Macros: 4F/7C/4P and 82 calories. 

Hummus & Cucumbers Toast

To prepare this toast, choose your hummus of choice (I went with garlic hummus from Aldi) and spread a tablespoon on the toast. Then, top with 25 g of cucumber spread over the toasts. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, as desired.

Macros: 2F/7C/3P and 59 calories. 

Parfait Toast

Greek Yogurt is so delicious, and I love how it pairs with the crunchy lavash bread. I took 50 g of non-fat Greek Yogurt and spread them over the lavash toast. Then I topped it with 25 grams of strawberries, 10 g of blueberries, and 10 grams of sliced bananas. To sweeten it up, I drizzled it with 10 g of sugar-free Syrup, but feel free to use your favorite sweetener of choice. Bonus, this toast doesn’t have any fat, so it would work great if you’re low on fat grams for the day!

Macros: 0F/12C/8P and 83 calories. 

Avocado & Turkey Toast

This toast is perfect for a snack, but also would be delicious for lunch! Spread 20 grams of mashed avocado onto the lavash toast. Sprinkle with seasoning, as desired (I love garlic salt!). Then top with 1 ounce of deli turkey deli meat. Crack some pepper

Macros: 4F/6C/7P and 87 calories.