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Grilled Corn on the Cob

Grilled Corn on the Cob

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I know summer is coming to a close, but I couldn’t resist sharing one of our favorite summer recipes, grilled corn! After all, summer temperatures linger on here in Central California until October, so I still have some time to enjoy this yummy veggie. Hopefully you can make some time in the next week, or maybe even at your Labor Day barbecue, to cook up some grilled corn. It is so easy and flavorful, and I know you and your loved ones will enjoy it!

The Story

About once a week in the summer, we head to our in-laws to swim in their pool, and we almost always grill afterwards. My mother-in-law started making this grilled corn, and my kids were absolutely obsessed. Seriously, they usually eat at least an ear of corn, and I have seen my kids eat two! Since it was such a hit, it has become a staple food for our get togethers, and seeing grilled corn will always remind me of summer.

Another thing that my kids love about this recipe is the corn holders they get to use. These are pretty handy because they keep your hands from getting buttery and allow you pick up the corn even when it’s super hot. My kids get great joy from setting them out on the dinner table and love picking their favorite colors to use.

The Recipe

You wouldn’t know it from the taste, but this is actually a pretty simple way to prepare corn. You start with cleaned and shucked corn (if you don’t know a great way to shuck corn, watch this video. It is life changing!). Then, you’ll need to grab some aluminum foil, salt, pepper, and choose if you want to cook your corn with some cooking spray or use butter. I highly recommend adding a little butter, but if you use cooking spray then everyone can add however much extra butter they want to their corn. At the same time, if your loved ones are like mine, they are probably going to add butter no matter what!

In a piece of foil large enough to wrap the corn, you’ll either spray your corn with cooking spray or lather it in butter. Then you’ll sprinkle it with salt and pepper, or you can use another seasoning if you’d like. Then, you’ll wrap up the corn and repeat for the remaining ears. Once you’re ready, the corn gets grilled on high heat for 10 minutes each side. When you take the corn off the grill, it will be VERY hot, and stay hot for a while. An extra bonus to this recipe is that it can be prepared way ahead of time because the foil keeps all that heat in!

The Logging

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to log an ear of corn, but I have found it to be a little tricky! After all, ears of corn can vary greatly in size. So, if you are concerned about how to log it, I’d recommend these steps.

  • If you decided to butter your corn before adding it to the grill, take note of how much butter you used. For reference sake, we will say you used 3g.
  • Then, when it comes off the grill (and has cooled a bit. Remember, it’s HOT! Or use an oven mitt), weigh your ear of corn (let’s say it was 200 g). Take note of its weight, enjoy your corn with your family, and save your cob.
  • Then, go back and weigh your cob (again, we will guess it to be 100 g).
  • Find the difference  (100 g), and then in MyFitnessPal log 100g of cooked corn AND the 3 g of butter.
  • But, if this is too much for you, just log an ear of corn and the amount of butter you put on it. It’ll be close enough!

    Grilled Corn

    A family favorite side to serve during the summer. We absolutely love the char and flavor it gets from the grill!


    • Ears of corn, as many as desired
    • cooking spray or butter (highly recommend butter!)
    • salt and pepper, or seasoning of choice


    • Heat the grill to high heat.
    • Assemble the corn. Lay out squares of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the corn in. Make as many aluminum foil squares as you have ears of corn. Lay a foil square down and place the corn in the center. Spray with cooking spray or lather with butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper or other seasoning of choice. Roll them up so they are completed wrapped, similar to how you would roll up a burrito.
    • Place corn wrapped in foil onto the grill and cover. Cook for 10 minutes and then flip. Cook for an additional 10 minutes.
    • Take off the grill and leave wrapped up until serving. They can stay wrapped up and still hot for a long time, so feel free to prep them up to an hour ahead of serving. When ready to serve, unwrap corn, add additional butter, salt, and pepper to taste.


    To find information about how to log the corn, see "The Logging" section of the blog post.